PERL Group Guide

Welcome to our group!

You are reading this page if you are starting your BSc, MSc or PhD project in the PERL group. This page has all sorts of information, and is a living document. Feel free to suggest additions or update this page yourself!

Group Organization

Every week, we meet at 11:00 in room 141. All group members are expected to be present unless there is a clear reason not to be there. This is the moment to update the group on your progress, ask input and feedback. The afternoon is always open for one on one meetings.


This video presents a nice overview of what we are researching and what the big vision is.

Process & Writing Tips

Some tips I keep repeating to students (even though they don’t always do it):

  • Keep a dairy of your work, sometimes called a lab notebook. It might seem really useless now, but when you start writing your thesis it will be very useful to know what you have done, read and considered when.
  • Do some basic time tracking. I use Timeular myself, but that might be overkill for students. A simple spreadsheet is fine, where you write down when you were reading, writing, doing data analysis etc. It will be good to see where you spent your time, and that in turn will be nice to plan subsequent parts of your project or new projects.
  • Take time off! There is more in life than working on your project, and despite what some people will tell you, you will not get more productive from working over 40 hours a week. There is science to confirm this.

I think this article on procrastination is very valuable. It explains well that often, when you re not doing anything useful, it is not because you are lazy, but because you are afraid. Afraid of harsh feedback, afraid of not being able to do it. The best advice they offer is: be kind to yourself, and I full heartedly agree. It is ok to try, it is ok to fail! Discuss issues you have in the group meetings early so you do not get stuck.


Thanks Veronika for the great idea of creating a lab guide!