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PERL members are often involved in organizing events focused on programming education. You can find all upcoming and past events here.


January 24th, Felienne presents at the Alice & Eve event
May 20th, Symposium ‘Programmeren in het basisonderwijs’ (more information will follow)


November 12th, Fenia presents at the Leiden This Week’s Discovery lecture series.
November 21st, Felienne presents at the RISE symposium

Past events


January 25th, Beauty and Joy of Computing Translation Day #1, Utrecht
March 5th, Kickoff PERL, Leiden
September 13th, Felienne gives a keynote at Strangeloop
September 17th, Sabiha presents at TACKLE Workshop
September 23rd, PERL members are present at the kickoff of the new Dutch CS high-school program.
September 25th, Alaaeddin defends his PhD thesis
October 3rd, Fenia presents at the European Gender Summit
October 9th, Fenia presents at the Annual CEL meeting
October 28th, Felienne presents at Universiteit van Nederland
October 30th, Felienne presents at the NRO conference
November 2nd, Felienne gives a keynote at the DojoCon Breda
November 4th, Shirley defends her MSC thesis
November 6th. PERL members will help the translation of BJC to Dutch, See
November 7th, Felienne gives a keynote at the I&I conference (I&I is the Dutch association of high-school computer science teachers)
November 11th, a delegation from Hong Kong will visit PERL.