PERL Group Guide

Welcome to our group!

You are reading this page if you are starting your BSc, MSc or PhD project in the PERL group. This page has all sorts of information, and is a living document. Feel free to suggest additions or update this page yourself!

Practical stuff

Slack channels

For quick messages we use Slack. Slack is a messaging app that works on most computers and phones. Ask Felienne to add you to the workspace and to the #perl channel.

Weekly meetings

Every week, we meet at 10:30 in room 141. All group members are expected to be present unless there is a clear reason not to be there. In the group meeting consists of first everyone updates the group on their progress that week, followed by a ‘Tuesday topic’ where one member presents a topic in more depth (see also the list of Topics)

Tuesday afternoon is always open for one on one meetings with Felienne.

PERL calendar

We use a Google calendar to keep track of who is where. This link is for viewing, Felienne can give you write access too. Please keep it up to date and enter whether you will be in Leiden, at a conference, teaching somewhere or on vacation.

This website

All group members have access to this website, and create their own profile page here. That includes you now too! Ask Felienne for access to this (WordPress) website and add yourself to the People Page too.


This video presents a nice overview of what we are researching and what the big vision is.


Thanks Veronika for the great idea of creating a lab guide!